Minecraft officially comes to PS3!


Our dreams became true! Finally we can play Minecraft on our PS3 consoles! Game was released a few weeks ago, but from now it`s available for all users – tested, 100% working and without any bugs. In copmare to PC version – Minecraft for Play Stations 3 offers better graphic quality, higher resolution a many, many more things that makes it perfect game and one of the best released for this console. I`ve spent a few hours to check this game and I can ensure you, that everything is working very well.

My first opionion? Just WOW – awesome graphics, splitscreen mode (so you can play with your friend on the same screen in the same time), a lot of mods and options that makes it much better game than PC version. Check “Videos” and “Photos” sites to see how it looks on my Play Stations 3, but you have to check this on your own, I recommend! 😉

You can download game using link below. File (.rar) contains all needed files to install game on your PS3 and easy step-by-step tutorial how to run it on your own console. It took me only 15 minutes to download and run it properly, so everyone should understand this and do it without any problems. If you are wondering about downloading this game – check “Comments” of our users!



1. Click “DOWNLOAD” button above.

2. Complete one of surveys on your screen – it`s very easy – just fill some fields – it takes only 30 seconds!

3. If you`ve done everything correctly – downloading game will start automatically.

4. Open downloaded .rar file and follow the rest of the istructions!


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